Back in the day when Dawn lost a contest it would effect her greatly, she would usually dwell on the mistakes she made and would frequently wrestle with feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and frustration and it would take a long time before she got back on her feat again. Though I’m sure most of you know that by now since that was the entire point of her depression arc, and despite eventually overcoming her grief and unconfidence that doesn’t mean she’d have an easy go of it from then on, she would still experience set backs of course but this time around she would respond to them much differently.

This loss was due to Mamoswine’s still irritable demeanor and lack of self control while in a match with James(dressed as Jessilina) and Carnivine. Mamowsine was out of contra for most of the match and wouldn’t respond to any command Dawn would give it, and the match ended in disaster and probably Dawn’s most visually embarrassing loss during her career. 

However in a surprising response, it was Dawn who cheered up Mamoswine, saying how while it was a shame that they lost, all they hard to do was work harder and practice and they’d be sure to win next time. It’s nice sign of growth and maturity and how she just lets the loss just roll off her back and it all it did for her was help her realize that she needed work with Mamoswine a bit more so they’ll be a much better team and display a lot better cooperation next time, it’s truly of example of her living by her famous mantra.

Speaking of Mamoswine, I also liked how they made note of how Dawn’s relationship with him was still gradual thing. Even though by this point Mamoswine had learned to respect Dawn as a trainer it still had it’s temperament and lack of self control, this would later be succeeded alter by Iris and Dragonite (and would be a point of relation between the two) but when it was first done I liked how they gave a Pokemon more then one certain flaw to it, normally with a disobedient pokemon all it would take is some bonding and they would listen perfectly, but here we see that Mamoswine still had personal issues it needed to work on and Dawn had displayed being patient enough with him to handle it on top of Mamowsine being fully aware of them and feeling guilt for his attitude (again, showing how it DID in fact care for it’s trainers feelings and felt regretful for it’s actions).

Oh and there’s also this.